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Tools for Recyclers
Photomate by

The mobile app that makes taking photos of parts as easy as the tap of the button.

In today's world, customers do a lot of their browsing and shopping online, and are attracted to products that have photos. With Photomate, you can make sure you're drawing these customers in to your online listings with part photos.

Photomate is the imaging mobile application that will give you the following advantages:

  • Quickly and easily increase sales and revenue by appealing to online customers with part photos.
  • Assign parts to your team easily from within Checkmate
  • Use the barcode scanner within Photomate to easily scan parts into Photomate.
  • View your photos alongside other inventory information in Checkmate, and upload photos to online part listings for customers to see.
  • Select photos to serve as the "Primary" thumbnail in online listings, or select photos to be "Private" (and only be visible in Checkmate itself, not displayed online).
  • Relocate parts with or without barcodes.
  • Conduct location audits to keep Checkmate data current.
  • No extra charge for multiple Photomate users at your business.
  • Use Photomate with or without Wi-Fi.
  • Available for iOS or Android.

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