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Photomate by

The Photomate mobile app has six big capabilities:

Take photos of your inventory - your customers can see these photos online, and your salespeople can see them in Checkmate!
Add parts to your inventory, take photos, and immediately upload parts to Checkmate.
Review parts in resolution, assign interchange, and update Checkmate right away.
Change the location of your parts. Use Photomate's built-in barcode scanner, or look up parts without barcodes.
Conduct location audits to ensure Checkmate's location information is up-to-date.
Maintain your Checkmate Price Book and review/update prices for existing inventory.
Easily Add Photos to Your Inventory
In today's world, customers do a lot of their browsing and shopping online, and are attracted to products that have photos. With Photomate, you can make sure you're drawing these customers in to your online listings with part photos.

In Checkmate,
  • Identify any parts that need photos, then assign these parts to your team.
  • Assignments appear in their Photomate app!

Assign parts from Sales Pro
Checkmate Workstation screenshot

Assign parts from the Inventory Tool
Checkmate Workstation screenshot

- OR -

Create photo assignments right from Photomate:
  • Just scan the part tag with your camera
  • or look up the part using the stock number or VIN if the tag isn't handy.

Photomate screenshot
Part assignments are organized on tabs.

Easily see which parts are assigned to you.
Tap a part from the list to see Part Details and add photos to it.
Or use the search box to quickly locate specific part assignments.
View task information on the Part Details screen.

Tap the camera icon to take photos.

OR tap the gallery icon to add photos from your camera roll.


When you're done, just tap the check mark to send your images to Checkmate.
In Checkmate, photos will be available for your team to see,
and they will also be included in your next inventory upload to online part listings.

Checkmate > Car-Part Pro, Trading Partners,, Your own website!
Quickly Add Parts to Your Inventory
Photomate has everything you need to add a part to your inventory, right from your mobile device.

To associate your part with a vehicle, enter a stock number. If that stock number is already in your inventory, Photomate displays the year, model, and location.

Then select your part and interchange, and continue entering part information.
Use the part's OEM number to find the year, model, and interchange.


You can flag the part for review, mark it as private, and add it to Checkmate's tag queue.
Review your Price Book and check CrashLink and Trading Partners, right as you're adding the part.

For body parts, use ARA damage images to determine and assign ARA damage codes.


Add photos to the part immediately.

Enter a private part note if you need to.

When you're done, one tap immediately sends the part to Checkmate and adds it to your inventory.
Reduce Lost Parts with Location Audits
Photomate brings Checkmate's part location data right to your mobile device, so it's a breeze to audit locations. No need to print out part lists to bring to the warehouse.

Simply scan or enter the location you want to audit.
Scan the part tags or manually verify the parts in each location. Photomate reports any location inconsistencies (missing parts or extra parts) and allows you to correct them immediately.
Any location changes will be updated in your Checkmate data right away.


Immediately Update Locations When Moving Parts
When moving parts around the warehouse or yard, Photomate lets you update a part's location information immediately.

Use the Tag #, Stock #, or VIN, to find the part you're relocating.
Once the part is entered, just scan or type the new location.
With one tap, Photomate relocates this part to the new location, and updates it in Checkmate.
If you need to, snap a couple pictures. When you move the part, the pictures upload to Checkmate.
Assign Interchange to Resolution Parts

First, search for parts you want to resolve. Search by Location, Stock #, Part Type, and/or Model.
Then, just hit RETRIEVE.
Photomate lists Resolution Parts in your inventory that fit your search criteria.
When you find a part you want to work on, just tap to select it.
Review the part info and then choose the interchange.

Optionally, print a tag and mark the part as a Core or Private
Tap to update Checkmate right away.
If you need to, you can also:

Edit the part Desc
Review/Edit Price
Review/Edit your Price Book and prices for other inventory
Add Images
Update Price Book and Inventory Prices

First, search for parts you want to review the Price Book for. Search by Location, Stock #, Part Type, or Part Tag.
Quickly identify prices that haven't been updated in a while.
Then, just hit RETRIEVE.
Photomate lists in-stock parts that fit your search so you can access the Price Book for those interchange numbers.
When you find a part you want to review the Price Book for, just tap to select it.
Review your full Price Book history
Edit your Price Book prices
Review sales and request data.
When you're done, update your Price Book. Checkmate is updated right away!
Search this part on CrashLink and Trading Partners
Review/edit prices for your existing inventory.


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