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Tools for Recyclers
Car-Part Pro by

Car-Part Pro
Search engine designed for shops and appraisers

Car-Part Pro is the innovative tool that helps increase your sales to professional repairers by showcasing your recycled parts in a way that is most attractive to these types of buyers.

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Car-Part Pro makes your parts more attractive to shops and appraisers by:
  • Giving them the ability to purchase your parts right from their search results with the Order Part button.
  • Offering real-time "in-stock" confirmation with Real Time Part Verification.
  • Minimizing their cycle times by providing them with accurate delivery times.
  • Simplifying the process of finding the right recycled part using Car-Partís exclusive SmartVin™ technology.
  • Helping them locate more parts using your recycler distribution networks.
  • Providing prices that include your delivery and warranty selections.
  • Giving them access to real-time communication with recyclers.
  • Identifying quality with certified recyclers and ARA graded parts.
  • Offering searches "on the go" with the Car-Part Pro mobile app (available for iOS & Android).

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