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Order Trakker by

Order Trakker
Easily track the status of your work orders!

Order Trakker™ Product Details:
Order Trakker is a program that works with Checkmate® to help you easily keep track your work orders from sales to delivery. You can track invoices from the time of the order until the part is delivered, and you will always know where the parts are and who has worked on the orders!

Order Trakker

Order Trakker works closely with:

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When you create a work order in Checkmate, it is automatically sent to Order Trakker. If you want, you can assign each part to a specific person so your employees have specific instructions as to which order they must work on. As the part is pulled, inspected, prepped, and shipped, each person who works on this order has his or her name recorded with the completion of the step, and marks the part as ready for the next step. Labels are color-coded, so it is easy to assign the next step and to see at a glance what stage each order is in. All of these updates are automatically recorded in Checkmate too, so if you look up a work order in Checkmate you will see the part or order's Order Trakker status.

Order Trakker

When the order is shipped, you can enter the UPS® tracking number if it was shipped with UPS. When you are reviewing this order, just right-click and select Tracking to access the UPS website and see where the package is.

Order Trakker

When the part is marked as having been successfully delivered, it is removed from the work order list in Order Trakker (although you can still view the history of completed orders if you wish). If the part is returned, you can also mark it as returned. When parts are returned, it is often helpful to look at this order's history and see which of your employees worked on the part. For example, if a customer rejects a part because it isn't in good condition, you may find it useful to question the person who inspected the part before it was shipped out. With Order Trakker, that information is easy to find.

To learn more about Order Trakker, contact the sales rep in your area.

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