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Tools for Recyclers
Partmate by

Partmate Portable Inventory Tool
Direct Connection with Checkmate!

Ennis Auto Recyclers - Ennis, TX
Ennis Auto Recyclers - Ennis, TX
Faster Inventorying
  • One click inventories your vehicles into Checkmate.
  • Automatically import vehicles won in Bidmate, or use as a stand-alone product.
  • SmartVin decodes interchange numbers for most parts directly from the VIN.
  • Smart Interchange reduces interchange questions while you look up parts.
  • Inventory many additional miscellaneous parts accurately with Car-Part Interchange Plus.
  • Point and click on ARA Damage Code graphics to easily identify damage and automatically assign damage codes.
  • Create and customize part lists for parts you inventory often, so you can expedite the inventory process.

Simple Workflow
  • Automatically adjusts part prices based on part grading.
  • Specify vehicle options just once and Partmate automatically fills out part descriptions for you.
  • Inventory decisions are simplified with requests, sales and quantity information all on one screen.
  • Partmate Review gives a direct connection to Checkmate, and allows you to review your employee's work and add, edit, or delete parts instantly.
  • Maintain your Price Book from within Partmate.
  • Determine how profitable it will be to dismantle a vehicle, based on your business practices.

Portable and Accessible
  • Partmate™ is designed to work on a laptop or tablet, so you can stand next to a vehicle while you inventory it.
  • One-click access to CrashLink data and Trading Partners
  • Import and export settings to any of your other Partmate computers.

Image Integration
  • Partmate Imaging enables you to take photos with a tablet while inventorying parts.
  • Primary images set in Partmate can also be displayed in Checkmate Workstation and online part listings.
  • Choose which images customers can and cannot see.

Advanced Partmate
  • The Advanced Partmate package unlocks extra valuable features that further integrate Partmate with other Checkmate products.
  • Partmate Review gives a direct connection to Checkmate, and allows you to review your employee's work and add, edit, or delete parts instantly.
  • Photomate is available exclusively to Advanced Partmate users. Photomate is the mobile app that makes taking photos of parts as easy as the tap of the button. Use Photomate to take photos later, if you don't have the opportunity to take them while inventorying in Partmate.

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Photomate: Mobile Imaging

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