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CrashLink by CAR-PART.com: info@Car-Part.com
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CrashLink by Car-part.com

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CrashLink™ helps you quickly access OEM pricing information that you used to spend time looking for in crash catalogs. Using Motor® data, CrashLink helps you determine the best price for your customers and provides you with list price history, application information, and part diagrams. It's fully integrated with Car-Part Interchange Plus, and you can access CrashLink with the press of a button from within your inventory management system!


CrashLink for Your Business

Use CrashLink when:
  • You have a part in stock, but you don't have any price in your inventory management system. CrashLink helps you research the price before you provide a quote. (CrashLink even works for non-interchange parts!)
  • You need to research application information for parts without interchange. CrashLink helps you research the year ranges and applications to ensure a good fit.
  • You want to see Labor information before quoting a price.
  • You're inventorying a vehicle in Partmate, and have no Price Book information. CrashLink helps you research fair prices.
  • You have a loose part with no tag, but with an OEM part number. CrashLink helps you look up the OEM number, view diagrams, and identify the vehicle it belongs to.


How It Works: Integrated Workflow
Step 1: Begin a CrashLink Search
When you're working in your management system, just press your F-key (usually F6 in Checkmate and Powerlink, or Shift +F6 in Pinnacle).

In Bidmate or Partmate, click/tap the CL button.

Step 2: Part Selection/"Questions" Page
CrashLink opens in your browser, with a list of parts that match your search. (Assemblies will also show related parts.) This page shows you the most current List $ price for the parts, provides a Web link that searches this OEM number on Google, and provides a TP link that searches this part on Trading Partners. (If you subscribe to it, Labor R&R Info is also available.)

Select the parts you want to search and click Add to Your Parts.


Step 3: Pricing/Information
The Pricing/Information screen opens. This is the main CrashLink screen, with the information you want about list prices, pricing history, part applications, and diagrams. (If you subscribe to it, Labor R&R Info is also available.) This screen helps you research the part and determine the selling price using a built-in percentage calculator. Use this information to quote a part, identify a part, or update your Price Book.


How It Works: Other Ways to Search

The workflow above is the most popular, integrated way to search. But you can also:
  • Log in to CrashLink in your browser
  • Search for parts by keyword
  • Browse part categories
  • Search for parts by OEM number
  • Identify parts by image
  • Search by VIN


Quick Results

CrashLink simplifies the process of pricing parts in your inventory. With the press of a button, you can find all of the information you need to accurately price parts. For more information or to subscribe, contact your CrashLink sales rep.

Hardware/Software Requirements or Contact Your Sales Rep

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